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Canteras Olaspe Markina Black Marble (Markina-Xemein)


Production Process

It is an open-pit quarry of marble limestone, located in the municipal term of Markina – Xemein.

The quarry has two distinct working fronts where different products are obtained:

  • Black ornamental marble: We produce different qualities of black ornamental marble.
  • Sea block: Blocks ranging between 15 and 45 metric tons, to be used in sea works.
  • By-product for civil works: For a full use of the product, the residue is transformed for its use in public works.

The production process consists in:

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1. An operating front is detected and the cutting begins.

2. The lower part is cut in a longitudinal manner using a chain-saw type cutting machine.

3. A perforation is made at the back of the block with a pneumatic hammer in order to introduce in it the diamond cable.

4. The side and back cuts are made with the diamond wire-saw.

5. The block thus obtained undergoes a cataloguing process for its later trading.

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