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Canteras Olaspe Black Markina Marble (Markina-Xemein)


Canteras Olaspe, S.L.

Canteras Olaspe S.L. was incorporated on the 17th June 1964 by Mr. Juan A. González Arrese and established as an operating concession on the 31st October 1988.

The main activity of the quarry was from the beginning the elaboration of ornamental type blocks in black marble, the destination of which was concentrated in the marble craftsmen of the area.  

Further on, the product was demanded in the national market, our clients being important businesses of the marble sector in Spain.

During the following years, the company expanded its market abroad to areas such as Italy, Egypt and Arab countries, thanks to the great qualities held by the marble.

Presently, production is based on two clearly distinct sectors, where ornamental blocks and sea blocks are produced. To the end of obtaining full use of the product, a by-product is elaborated with the remaining material to be used in civil works.  

Canteras Olaspe Monte Zapola s/n - Apdo. 24 48270 Markina (Bizkaia)
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